Choi+Shine is a nationally and internationally awarded architecture and design studio run by two principals, Jin Choi and Thomas Shine.


Ms. Choi received her first Master’s Degree in Architectural Art, while running her own design studio in Seoul, Korea. She won the recognition award at the International Housing competition and received Gene Lewis Book Prize upon completion of her Master’s Degree in architecture from Yale University. She was recently selected as one of Korea’s Global Young Architects by the Korean Institute of Architects. Ms. Choi is an adjunct faculty at Suffolk University teaching design studio and thesis studio to both undergraduate and graduate students.


Mr. Shine is a registered architect in both US and UK and received his undergraduate and Master’s Degree in architecture from Yale University’s School of Architecture. Mr. Shine was a teaching fellow at Yale, teaching architectural structures to both graduate and undergraduate students. Before studying architecture, he worked as a researcher in biotech research institute in London, and later as an engineer at his own firm, developing medical equipment. His novel inventions earned him a few international patents and publications.


Choi+Shine runs a skunkworks Design Studio for experimental design and projects that are not inherently architectural. Projects from this free-thinking studio vary greatly including academic exploration, competition entries, book design, product design, ceramics and patented inventions.

최앤샤인 아키텍츠는  최혜진과 토마스 샤인, 사람이 이끄는 스튜디오이다.


최혜진은 한국에서 건축미술 석사과정을 마치고 자신의 스튜디오를 성공적으로 운영했었다. 그녀는 예일대학교 건축학 석사 과정 국제 하우징 설계 컴피티션 입선과 Gene Lewis Book Prize 수여받은 있으며, 석사학위를 취득한 최앤샤인 아키텍츠를 설립하고 Suffolk University에서 대학원 학부생에게 디자인을 가르쳐 왔다.


토마스 샤인은 건축을 공부하기전 런던에서 10년간 생명과학 연구원을 지낸 있으며, 엔지니어로서 자신의 회사를 운영하면서 첨단 기술의 의료기기들을 개발하여 몇개의 국제 발명 특허들을 취득하였다. 그는 예일대학교에서 건축학학사 석사과정을 마치고 모교의 건축학부와 대학원에서 건축구조를 가르치기도 하였다.


최앤샤인 아키텍츠는 본질적으로 건축적이지 않을지라도 일정 분야의 범주를 넘어선 실험적인 디자인과 탐구적인 프로젝트들을 개발하는 디자인 스튜디오를 지향하고 있다. 이러한 자유로운 사고의 스튜디오이기에 이들의 프로젝트는 학술 연구, 편집디자인, 제품디자인, 도자기, 디자인 특허와 발명 특허에 이르기까지 범주가 다양하다.

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