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Mirror Moon

Amsterdam Light Festival 2017 - 2018


This project reminds each viewer of the time and space they occupy while illuminating and revealing the beauty of the everyday. It confronts viewers with a distorted reality and awaits their own interpretation of the space and their existence within.

The Mirror Moon entices the viewers to discover a super-scaled moon, unexpectedly hovering over the canal by night, taking a different form by day. The moon is one of the most basic, natural forms of light, illuminating and revealing the beauty of the night. “The moon teaches us that darkness can’t hide the beauty of life” - Debasish Mridha.

Seeing a moon might be a common event, but an encounter with the Mirror Moon in its monumental scale,  unusual form and its unexpected proximity causes a viewer to  hold their breath and gaze. 

The Mirror Moor seizes the viewers, making them more aware of the time and space they occupy.

The Mirror Moon not only touch our faculties of perception and thought, but also present imaginary, isolated human beings separated by physical space and yet co-existent within arms reach, constantly relating itself to us while displaying a dreamy, warmly lit and beautiful world for us to look up to.

M.C Escher’s Hand With Reflec.ng Sphere, 1935

Right: Moholy-Nagy’s light sculpture, Light Space Modulator, 1930.

Right: inflated mired structure

Far Right: Sectional diagram of Mirror Moon showing the projects within the inflated structure.

Above: Mirror Moon in Prague

The Mirror Moon is an inflated structure, made from a flexible, reflective and semi-translucent material similar to mirrored sunglasses which reflect exterior light, but allows partial light transmission. Using the patented synchronized projection system, the Mirror Moon appears reflective during the days, and illuminated at night. The skin is a lightly metalized PVC that is typically used for rear- projection systems. The Mirror Moon is 8m in diameter weighing about 60kg. The form is waterproof and can be firmly anchored to surrounding structures. The projection system is programmed to change the images and animations at timed intervals.

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